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Gynecology And Obstetrics Are Well Developed In Our Hospital. Dr. Rajul Tyagi Is In Charge Of Gynecological Services Of This Hospital. She Runs Her Opd All Days Including Sunday Mornings 9am To 1 Pm And 6 Pm To 8 Pm.

Hospital Realizes That 21st Century Is Of Minimal Invasive Surgery. I.e. All Surgeries Will Be Done Without External Cut On The Skin. This All Is Done With The Help Of Laparoscopy And Hysteroscopy Instrument. Hysteroscopy Is Used For Removing Tumors Of Uterus By Introducing It Into Uterus Through The Natural Passage, Besides This It Is Also Used For Treating Many Conditions Like Excessive Bleeding During Periods. Earlier The Treatment For This Used To Be Removing Uterus By Open Surgery. Now A Patient Can Go Home The Next Day And Work Normally After One Week. Laproscope Is Used To Remove Tumors From The Uterus Or Even The Whole Uterus, Ovarian Tumors, Ectopic Pregnancy (Baby In The Tubes).

Hospital Has The Facility For Painless Labor, If The Patient Wishes For It. It Is Perfectly Safe For Mother And The Baby. The Drugs Are Administered By The Anesthetist Patient Remains Fully Alert And Can Feel Everything Except The Pain In Lower Part Of Body. At No Point Of Time Patient Is Left Unattended.

A Pregnant Lady Is Advised To Seek Doctors Help Every Month In The 1st Three Months Of Pregnancy, Every Two Months Up To 8th Month And Then Weekly Till Delivery.. The Aim Of These Examinations Is To Know If All Is Going Well With The Pregnancy And To Identify The High Risk Pregnancy. W.h.o. (World Health Organization) Has Listed Following Types Of Pregnancy As High Risk

Where Woman Has Become Pregnant For The 1st Time At An Age Of More Than 29 Yrs. 2- Recurrent Abortions – Where Previous Pregnancy Has Ended In An Abortion. 3- Multiple Pregnancies – Twins Or More Number Of Babies In The Pregnancy. 4- Diabetes, Hypertension – Diabetes And Hypertension (High Blood Pressure) 5- Heart Disease – A Pregnant Woman With Heart Disease Is At A High Risk.

Ultrasound Including Tvs And High Quality Color Doppler. It Has The Latest Ultrasound Machine Which Enable To Give 3d Images And Picture Of Your Baby.

Dr Shaline Mehrotra Is In Charge Of Pediatrics . Hospital Has A Well-equipped Nursery For Taking Up Sick New Born. It Takes Up Cases From Other Hospitals And Children Born At Home. Incubators, Phototherapy Unit’s Baby Warmers And Ventilators Equip Nursery. Incubators Maintain A Constant Temperature Rich In Oxygen. They Are Ideal For Keeping Premature Or Babies Who Are Born Before The Actual Date. Phototherapy Units Are Used To Treat Jaundice In The New Born Babies , It Is A Very Common Condition .ventilators Are Used In Very Sick Children Who Do Not Breathe Properly After Birth, This Equipment Is Life Saving For Many Children And It Is Essential For A Modern Nursery . Until Now, This Is The Only Hospital In Private Sector To Have A Baby Ventilator In Lucknow And Perhaps In Whole U.p. Besides This, All Types Of Vaccinations Are Given On 1st Wednesday Of The Month But It Can Be Taken On Any Other Day Also.

Hospital Has A Panel Of Gen Surgeons. Hospital Specializes In Providing Laparoscopic Surgery. Surgeries Like For Gall Bladder Stones, Appendix, Hernia, Removal Of Small Tumors Are Done By Laproscope. The Main Advantage Of His Surgical Technique Is That Patient Can Be Sent Home The Next Day.

Hospital Has A Full Time Physician Who Treats Cases Of Diabetes , Respiratory Diseases Certain Heart Diseases Besides General Ailment. All Admitted Patients Under Go Medical Evaluation By Him.

The Psychiatrist Of The Hospital Treats All Minor And Major Psychiatric Illnesses Including Schizophrenia. He Also Treats Problems Of Drug Addiction And Certain Sexual Problems.

Neurosurgical Work In The Hospital Is Carried Out By Highly Experienced And Senior Neurosurgeon. Cases Of Head Injury, Spinal Injury, And Spinal Compression Are Taken Up.

It Deals With Bones And Joint Problems. Like In General Surgery, Hospital Has A Panel Of Orthopedic Surgeons. All Types Of Orthopedic Cases Including Arthroscopy And Spine Surgery Are Taken Up. Arthroscopy Is A Procedure Where Through A Small Laproscope Like Devise Is Passed Into The Joint And Surgeon Is Able To See And Operate The Joint From Inside. The Presence Of C Arm Has Greatly Improved The Results Of The Fracture As Now It Is Done Under X-ray Control And We Can See As The Fracture Is Corrected.

Kidney And Urinary Bladder Stones Are The Main Are The Main Problems Handled By The Urological Surgeon. The Presence Of Image Intensifier In The Hospital Has Helped These Surgeries. Now It Is Possible To Remove These Stones Under The Image Intensifier Through A Small Hole Of About 1 Cm. Besides These, All Other Problems Of Urinary System Like Enlarged Prostate Are Handled Here. Prostate Removal Is Done Though Natural Urine Passage Without Any External Cut.

Nephrology Unit Has A Full Time Nephrologists Who Takes Care All The Patients With Kidney Problems. He Has The Hospital’s Own Dialysis Unit To Do The Dialysis.

Hospital Has Facility For Treating Burn Patients Under Supervision Of Plastic Surgeon. Besides This All Cosmetic And Reconstructive Plastic Surgery Is Done. Main Area Of Work Being Removal Of Scars From Face And Body , Removal Of Excess Fat From Face , Neck, Waist Etc. Increasing The Size Of Breasts And Hair Transplantation.

Hospital Has A Good Facility For Taking Care On Small Babies So The Surgery Is Very Safely Done Here. Some Of The Life Saving Surgery In Newborn Is Carried Out. Need For Surgery In Newborn Arises Due To Certain Defects Present By Birth, Like Absence Of Anus, Abnormally Narrow Segment Of Intestines If Not Operated Soon After Birth These Children Would Not Survive.

Hospital Has A Trained Physiotherapist To Take Care Of The Problems Of Muscle And Joints Investigative Facilities At Javitri Hospitalhospital Runs On Regular Investigative Program Package Of General Checkup. It Includes An Examination By A Physician, E.c.g., X Ray Chest, An Ultrasound And A Set Of Blood Test For Detecting Common Diseases Like Diabetes, Jaundice, And To See For High Risk For Heart Diseases. Following Tests Are Done Here.

A: In Hospital Patients Come From Whole Uttar Pradesh And Other States Like Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Bihar And Also From Nepal.

 Infertility Clinic Runs All 7 Days Of The Week. Patient Counseling Is Usually Done On The First Visit , They Are Then Usually Asked To Come On 2nd Day Of Their Menstrual Cycle Subsequent Visits Are All By Appointment. Most Patients Will Have To Undergo A Series Of Tests To Find Out Why They Are Having Difficulty Conceiving Naturally. These Include Blood Tests, Sperm Tests And Assessment Of The Fallopian Tubes And Ovaries. If A Laparoscopy Is Required It Will Be Done.

We Always Try To Go In For Simple Modalities Of Treatment Like Timed Intercourse(T.i.c) & I.u.i. If Tubes And Uterine Cavity Is Normal. But Since It Is Now Well Known That Results Of I.u.i Are About 10 % Except In Those Where Male Factor Was Responsible And A Donor Semen Was Used. I.v.f. Is Used For Cases Where Tubes Are Blocked Or Where Repeated I.u.i Have Failed.