Intra Uterine Insemination (I.U.I)

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Intra Uterine Insemination

Infertility And Art Services

This Technique Is Very Useful In Patients Where Male Partner Has A Poor Quality Of Semen – The Sperm Counts May Be Low Or Semen May Contain Many Dead Or Unhealthy Sperms Or There May Be Pus Cells Because Of Infection The Male. Iui Can Be Done By The Husband’s Semen Or From A Donor If Husband Has No Sperm In The Semen. Semen Sample From The Centre Own Sperm Bank Is Also Used After Couple’s Consent. Another Technique Is Also Useful In Males Who Do Not Have Any Sperm In The Semen Sample. Here Sperms Are Collected By A Needle From The Testis And Used In Icsi. This Way Even One Sperm Can Produce A Child.

ANC Clinic For High Risk Pregnancies

Centre Runs Clinic For High Risk Pregnancy. The Patients Who Have Had Repeated Abortions And The Patients Who Have Conceived By Ivf Are Seen In This Clinnic. The Timings For This Clinic Are 2 To 3 Pm On All The Days Except Sundays At Javitri Hospital.

Menopausal Clinic

This Another Very Important Service Of This Centre. A Woman After Menopause Undergoes Many Changes In Her Body Due To The Changes In The Hormones. This Results In Many Medical And Psychological Problems. One Common Problem For Example Is Back Pain Which Is Due To The Loss Of Calcium From The Bones, These Woman Can Be Helped By Giving Hormones Similarly The Loss Of Young Look Can Also Be Restored By Hormones. But Patients Taking The Hormone Replacement Therapy Must Take It Under Strict Medical Supervision. This Clinic Is Conducted Every Sunday 10am To 2 Pm.