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Infertility Service

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Centre Is Equipped To Diagnose And Treat Infertility With Related Problems In The Most Modern Ways. We Take Special Precautions So That Unnecessary And Duplication Of Investigations Does Not Take Place.

Between 8 And 12 Percent Of Couples Around The World Have Difficulty Conceiving A Child At Some Point In Their Lives, And In Some Areas That Figure Reaches One-third Or More Of Couples. In Some Developing Countries, For Example Nigeria, Infertility Is The Leading Reason For Gynecological Consultations. Where Infertility Is Widespread, Couples Seeking Help Can Place A Heavy Burden On Limited Health Care Resources.

Couples Are Considered Infertile If They Do Not Conceive Over A 12-month Period Of Unprotected Intercourse, But Experience Shows That Many Of These Supposedly “infertile” Couples Will Eventually Conceive, Even Without Treatment. For Example, 38 Percent Of Couples Attending An Infertility Clinic In India Conceived Before Any Treatment Began, And Another 27 Percent Conceived Before Their Treatment Was Completed. Similarly, A Chilean Study Found That Only 4 Percent Of Women Were Infertile After Their First Eight Years Of Marriage, Although 26 Percent Had Experienced A Delay In Conception That Lasted Longer Than 12 Months.

Diagnosing Fertility Problems

In WHO study it has beeen found that about five percent of couples who suffer from anatomical, genetic, endocrinological, and immunological problems that cause infertility. The remainder are infertile largely because of preventable conditions, including:

The Factors That Contribute To These Conditions Vary From Region To Region.

Reproductive Tract Infections, Particularly Sexually Transmitted Diseases (Stds), Are The Leading Preventable Cause Of Infertility. The Who Multinational Study Found That 64 Percent Of Infertile Women This Diagnosis Could Be Attributed To Infection, About Double The Rate Of Other Regions . Tubal Problems And Other Infection-related Diagnoses Also Are Associated With Postpartum And Post. Abortion Complications.

We Here At Our Centre Make Every Effort To Avoid Unnecessary Duplication Of Investigations Carried Out Elsewhere Although We Almost Always Carry Out A Seminal Analysis.

The Procedures We Use For Diagnosing The Cause Of Infertility May Include


We Have Our Own Imported Semen Quality Analyzer.
It Automatically Analyzes The Sperms, Counts Them, Check Their Mobility Status And Also Given Complete Information About Abnormal Sperms.
This Has Greatly Helped In Standardizing Our Semen Assesment Report And Requirement For Icsi.

Treating Infertility


Counselingwe Are Acutely Aware Of The Special Nature Of Our Work. Because The Desire To Have A Child Is So Strong, Difficulties With Conception Can Create Stress, Anxiety And Tension. Many People Come To Us With High Expectations And, Fortunately, We Are Often Able To Help Them – But There Will Often Be Disappointments Along The Way And Not All Our Patients Are All Stages Of Your Consultation, Diagnosis And Treatment You Can Be Sure We Will Respect Your Feelings And Care For Your Emotional As Well As Your Physical Wellbeing. All Our Clinical Staff Is Able To Provide Informal Counseling It Is Followed Up By Counseling By A Doctor. The Matter Discussed During The Counseling Session Are Strictly Confidential And All Patients Are Expected To Have Full Faith In Confidentiality Of The System.

Pregnancy Follow-up

One Of The Very Strong Reason For You To Choose Javitri For Your Infertility Treatment Is Strong Antenatal Checkup Team And Centre For High Risk Pregnancy Management. We Follow Up Pregnant Patient For 3 Months Routinely. If Everything Is Normal She Is Advised To Consult Her Gynecologist After 3 Months. If Any Problem Occurs During Pregnancy At Any Time Patient Is Taking Up By The High Risk Pregnancy Management Team.

Sperm Bank

The Test Tube Baby Centre Has Its Own Sperm Bank. Sperm Preparations Are Preserved In Liquid Nitrogen Jar Where They Can Be Kept For Many Years If Needed. There Samples Are Marked So That There Can Never Be A Mistake And The Physical Characters And The Race Of The Person Is Noted For Use As Donor Sperm.sperm Can Be Stored For A Number Of Reasons Including
• For Use By Couples Requiring Fertility Treatment
• To Provide Storage After Surgical Methods Of Collection
• Before A Vasectomy
• Prior To Cancer Treatment
• For The Use In Patients With Psychiatry Disorders

Sterlisation Reversal Operation

About 1.5% Of Women Who Have Undergone Tubal Ligation Decide To Have Surgery To Reverse The Procedure. Most Commonly, These Are Women Who Have Remarried And Want To Start A Family With Their New Husband.depending On The Method Of Sterilization Utilized, Success Following Reversal Of Tubal Ligation Can Range From 50-65%.