In Vitro Fertilization (I.V.F)

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Vitro Fertilization

In Vitro Fertilization (I.v.f.)

This Is A Technique Where Ovum Is Collected From Female And It Is Kept With The Sperm Of Male. Fertilization Takes Place Outside The Body. The Fertilized Embryo Is Implanted In The Uterus Of The Female Where Is Grows Into A Baby.female Is First Subjected To Hormonal Tests To Confirm That She Has The Capability To Produce Ovum. Then From 4th Day Of The Menstrual Cycle, Onwards Hormonal Injections Are Given To Get Good Quality And Number Of Ovum. These Ova When Fully Developed Are Taken Out Of The Ovaries By A Needle Seeing It Under The Ultrasound. The Ovum Is Then Incubated With The Sperms In A Carbon Di Oxide Incubator Under Strict Environment Control For 48 Hrs. During This Time, Fertilization Occurs And Embryo Of Four-cell Develops. This In Implanted In The Uterus Of The Female Here It Grows Into A Baby.

Embryo Transfer & Egg Donation

The Embryos Produced By The Ivf Techniques Can Be Implanted In The Uterus Of Another Woman It Is Then Called Embryo Transfer. Similarly Elderly Female Who Has Stopped Producing The Ovum But Wishes To Have A Baby Can Have It By Taking Ovum From Another Woman And Getting Them Fertilized By Her Husband’s Semen By The Ivf Technique. The Fertilized Embryo Is The Implanted In The Uterus Of This Elderly Woman.